Happy Thanksgiving

Hi Divebuddies!


Okay – I couldn’t find a photo of a ‘Turkey Fish’ so here’s a parrot fish!

Here’s wishing everyone in the US a Happy Thanksgiving! For our dive buddies in countries outside the US – here’s wishing you have an awesome weekend anyway.

In case you were wondering…

The UnderPressureDiveBlog is closed for the Thanksgiving Holiday.

  • We will not be opening late on Thursday with ridiculous discounts on TVs.
  • We are not having any sale on ‘Black Friday’ either.

Now that you know that you don’t need to stand in line out in the cold Colorado air… you can make plans to stay home and enjoy time with your family and friends! You can thank me later :)!

The new post ‘Why Dive a Computer? – The Tables’ will be posted on Tuesday following the holiday weekend. Mostly because I don’t think anyone would read it over the holidays (nor should they)… and maybe because it’s not quite finished yet…

Have a happy and safe holiday!

The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!

SKuba Steve

© 2013 Stephen Krausse

Why Dive a Computer? – Safety

Last week I listed the following reasons I dive a computer and discussed the first one:

  • Increased dive time
  • Safety
  • The tables seem like they were designed to sell dive computers
  • Gas mixture programming
  • Dive logging
  • Convenience

In this week’s exciting episode of ‘Why Dive a Computer?’ we’ll explore some safety considerations related to SCUBA diving with a computer.

Here is a summary of SKuba Steve’s dive computer do’s and don’ts!

Diving Computer Do’s

  • Plan your own dives
  • Tell your computer the truth

Diving Computer Don’ts

  • Don’t perform decompression (or Nitrox) diving without proper training
  • Don’t share dive computers

Let’s get to it…

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Open Water – October 2013 The Movie is here!

Hi Everyone,

I finally finished this Video! It runs 36 minutes and 52 seconds long. Rated PG (due to some sequences of action/suspense). I uploaded this in its full 1080P glory so the original file size is over 5Gb.

I had a great time with this class and want to thank them one more time for being so patient as I got this together!

More info & Credits…

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