Why Dive a Computer? – Increased Dive Time!

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Editor’s note: There are six basic reasons I dive a computer and I wrote a really nice wordy word blog post about it and it was so long even I wouldn’t read it so… I’ve broken it down into six segments which I’ll post on Friday mornings (beginning with this one). Thx! Now… why dive […]

Taking a call

About the Under Pressure Dive Blog

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Welcome to the Under Pressure Dive Blog! Thank you for diving in! Please take a look around and add your experiences and thoughts to what you find! As an avid diver and SSI DiveCon I love to dive and enjoy sharing that experience. You can find out more about what to expect from the Under […]

The #2 Rule of SCUBA Diving – Students…

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Every diver knows the number one rule of SCUBA diving. Okay, all together now… “Never hold your breath.” But what is the number two rule of SCUBA diving? If you ask ten different instructors what the number two rule of SCUBA diving is you will likely get as many answers. Here’s one…