About SKuba Steve

I am a SCUBAvangelist and dive professional. I help recreational divers get the most out of diving by sharing experience, knowledge and passion for SCUBA through my blog and by developing and marketing easy to use tools that organize, simplify and demystify diving.

On the Reef

On the Reef

I started diving in 2001. Since that time I’ve spent time diving in:

  • Australia
  • Bonaire
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Mexico
  • New Mexico
  • Turks & Caicos
  • Utah

I’m a certified SCUBA Schools International (SSI) Open Water Instructor and enjoy working with the other great instructors at High Plains SCUBA sharing the sport of diving with new and prospective divers!

Under Pressure Dive Blog

The Under Pressure Dive Blog is where I dive into SCUBA when the surface interval isn’t over! I focus my writing on recreational SCUBA topics with emphasis on keeping diving fun and engaging even when we can’t be in the water.

SCUBA diving is as much a lifestyle as it is a sport. The goal of this blog is to share our SCUBA lifestyle in posts that are engaging, fun, authentic and represent the best in the diving community.

What you’ll find:

  • Stories about my dive experiences
  • Funny things I hear (and what I think about them)
  • Gear I like or dislike or am curious about
  • Tips & tricks to make your diving easier and less stressful
  • The occasional news story
  • A sprinkling of videos hosted from my YouTube Channel!

What you won’t find:

Trolls – the Under Pressure Dive Blog is a courteous place.

Thanks for visiting the Under Pressure Dive Blog!

‘The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!’

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