Is getting ready for your dive trip putting you under pressure?

eBook and Checklists
eBook and Checklists

Under Pressurize: Your Dive Travel

During my traveling adventures as a SCUBA diver I’ve had my share of:

  • I forgot to pack…
  • I didn’t test…
  • …wasn’t ready in time for the trip.
  • Sure wish I had a spare…
  • Even… Wow I packed WAY too much stuff…

I bet you’ve been there yourself…

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SKuba Steve

‘The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!’

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Just Added ScubaTribe to the Under Pressure Dive Blog!

Hey Dive Buddies!

Great news – I’ve just integrated ScubaTribe into the Under Pressure Dive Blog!

What’s ScubaTribe you say? Well in their own words…

ScubaTribe is your partner in gathering trusted feedback from your divers, and marketing your good reputation online. The insight we provide is crucial to perfect the customer experience, boost your bookings, and drive your marketing plus social media exposure.

If you have a few minutes take a leisurely drift dive over to our review page, fill out a very short, three question form and the good folks over at ScubaTribe will send you an email that you can use to share your thoughts and help us to keep improving!


SKuba Steve

The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!

© 2013 Stephen Krausse

ShoreBuddy…the Inception


ShoreBuddy™ - The Inception

I was recently asked about the inception of ShoreBuddy™. What prompted me to come up with it and what is the story behind the project? Well here it is in a nutshell.

The year is 2002 and in preparation for a trip to Australia (loved it! – just sayin’) I was desperately trying to get as many dives in as possible. My intention was to improve my skills to get the most I could out of my dives in Cairns.

…and here we go!

Dive in to read more!