Why do we do that? – Mask Removal & Replacement

Why in the world do we take our masks off?

Why in the world do we take our masks off?

What would possess a SCUBA diver to take a perfectly good mask off underwater?

Why do we ask students to do it?

It all started a long time ago in an ocean far, far away (at least from Colorado)…

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Who’s Your Buddy?


A great ‘Buddies’ shot by Mika Hiltunen! © 2010 Mika Hiltunen – Used with Permission.

SCUBA diving is a buddy sport. Just having somebody there isn’t enough though. A warm body is not necessarily a buddy.

I found that out the hard way early on in my diving career. I had two great experiences as a new diver that showed me exactly what a buddy should be and shouldn’t be and I’m grateful for both.

These experiences have provided me with clear principles about what it means to be a dive buddy.

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