Destinations of Opportunity

There you are… you’re traveling for business or visiting your relatives; walking down a boardwalk… and then it hits you… ‘I could be diving!’

How often do you take the opportunity to go SCUBA diving when you are traveling for other reasons? Do you avoid packing your gear if you’re not going on a ‘dive trip’ simply because you’d only get one or two dives in anyway?

I know I have. I’ve been to California and the northeast plenty of times to get some dives in but left my gear at home. Why?

Here are 5 reasons divers lose dive opportunities!

  • It’s too much to carry.
  • That’s not the point of this trip.
  • The airlines charge too much for checked bags.
  • What if I carry it all on my trip and can’t dive?
  • I would only get a dive or two in anyway.

Now, let’s talk about strategies overcome these excuses and make every trip a ‘dive trip’!

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SCUBA Schools International Will Join Mares-HEAD!

Pawnee Butte Colorado – Not a SCUBA shot but appropriate for Colorado business news! © Stephen Krausse

The SCUBA world was abuzz yesterday as the news came out that SSI was acquired by Mares. ‘Buzz’ really seems like an appropriate description to me as I travel the internet looking at the various social media conversations that have surfaced.

As an SSI dive pro working through an SSI shop that does not currently sell Mares products, I am understandably curious about what this will mean. Not just for me but for the dive community at large. Having said that ‘curious’ doesn’t mean despairing.

My family sold a business to a publicly traded corporation in 2000 so the acquisition of a one enterprise by a significantly larger one is something I have first hand experience with.

Just a head’s up… this is a relatively long post in order to provide some context that is important and relevant.

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