4 Easy Ways to Share Your Passion for SCUBA Diving!

Share Your SCUBA

Diving is cool… not just a little bit cool… it’s REALLY cool! Having dive experience and being a part of the SCUBA community makes each of us a member of a fortunate group. The great news is that this group is always looking for new members and as ambassadors of the SCUBA community (aka – SCUBAvangelists) we enjoy drawing people into the sport,  either vicariously through our own dive stories or quite literally by introducing them to diving for themselves.

Here are 4 ways you can share your SCUBA!

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Under Pressure Dive Blog – Under Construction

Because submarines under construction are cool… maybe even cooler than the Under Pressure Dive Blog under construction… just maybe!
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Hi Divebuddies!

So, as I continue to look for new features and content to improve the blog I have quickly found out why many blogs move to a self hosted model. Rather than wait and risk problems with more content and impact on more readers I will be moving the Under Pressure Dive Blog from the WordPress.com site to a self hosted one over the holidays.

In theory this should provide only a brief interrupt in service as the DNS servers change but I’ve been working with computers far too long to believe it will go that smoothly!

If you have any trouble getting here during the next two weeks please keep up with my progress on Twitter, FB or G+!

In the meantime have a great holiday!

The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!

SKuba Steve

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