Thailand: A Divers Paradise


Photo courtesy of Flickr photographer bhinddalenes

Divebuddy (guest) Post by Oscar Waterworth

It is a well known fact that Thailand is a great tourist attraction. Apart from great climate and welcoming people, one of the main reasons for that are perfectly clear water and incredibly rich marine life which attract visitors from all over the world, great majority of whom are returning once that unanimously agree that Thailand is a divers paradise. Here is what makes it such.

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Video Introduction to Diveadvisor

Hey Dive Buddies!

I know it’s been a bit but I finally got done with the first installment in my series of articles about online SCUBA communities!

Say hello to and the Diveadvisor mobile application.

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Lessons Learned From a Weekend Dive! (Plus video!)

Hi Dive Buddies!
I had a great dive on Saturday with Greg & Dave (last names withheld to protect their prospects for future political office). We had a good time diving but it also brought to light a great reason to get local diving in.

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Don’t let something as simple as a mask strap ruin your next dive!

Woeful SKuba Steve on Black

Woeful SKuba Steve on Black

Have you ever considered how you would respond if your mask strap broke underwater while you were diving? As SCUBA divers one of the skills that we are taught is to remove and replace a mask underwater and I’ve shared stories about this in earlier posts.

Being prepared to handle a problem during a SCUBA dive is obviously important. Taking care of your gear before your trip or on the surface can prevent the problem entirely – which is even better!

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