The Dive Site Orientation Series – First Installment Monday!

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The Dive Site Orientation Series will include brief videos & accompanying blog post that describe the basic layout, services, type of diving and what to expect when you visit the site.

  • Instructors can use these videos to help reduce student dive site anxiety and to ensure that students know, in advance, where specific things are located to make a class go as smoothly as possible.
  • Students can use the series to orient themselves with a specific dive location so, when the arrive, they can concentrate on equipment and skills with the comfort of already being familiar with the site itself.
  • Divers can use the series to make their own recreational dive experience as familiar and hassle free as possible.

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Open Water – October 2013 The Movie is here!

Hi Everyone,

I finally finished this Video! It runs 36 minutes and 52 seconds long. Rated PG (due to some sequences of action/suspense). I uploaded this in its full 1080P glory so the original file size is over 5Gb.

I had a great time with this class and want to thank them one more time for being so patient as I got this together!

More info & Credits…

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