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badge_itunes-lrgThe Under Pressure Divecast is a free podcast dedicated to sharing the  fun, excitement and education that SCUBA diving offers and most importantly to making the sport of SCUBA diving accessible to everyone!

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‘The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!’

Under Pressure Divecast - Cover
Under Pressure Divecast – Cover

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Episode List

Under Pressure Divecast Episode List

004Episode 004 – Discussion on Dive Knives | Divecast | PodcastDo you dive with a knife? In this episode I discuss the reasons for diving with a knife. | Tips on Knife Placement | GJG – Aqwary Smart Console
003SCUBA Diving on the Go!In this episode of the Under Pressure Divecast I’m going to talk a little about traveling and SCUBA diving. What do you take? What are some of the considerations we have as traveling divers? | SCUBA Travel Tips | GJG – Magnetic Hose Clip
002SCUBA Diving at the Homestead Crater, UtahWhen was the last time you put on your dive gear with just a swimming suit and knew that you wouldn’t get cold no matter how much time you spent in the water? Or had the opportunity to SCUBA dive under a dome of mineral deposits in a geologic landmark?
001Introducing the Under Pressure Divecast!Welcome to the first ever Under Pressure Divecast! This is an audio production dedicated to the fun and exciting sport of recreational SCUBA diving. Dive stories fun tips and gear talk.