Under Pressure Divecast

Introducing the Under Pressure Divecast!

Have you ever had a question about SCUBA diving or thought how fun it must be? Well… you’re right and I know you’ll find you’re not alone. Welcome to the first ever Under Pressure Divecast! This is an audio production dedicated to the fun and exciting sport of recreational SCUBA diving. Dive stories, fun tips and gear talk.

You can be a SCUBA diver!

Under Pressure Divecast - Cover
Under Pressure Divecast – Cover

Show Notes

Hi Dive Buddies! So, in the first edition of the Under Pressure Divecast I wanted to introduce myself to you and give you some perspective on what my journey to becoming a certified open water SCUBA diver looked like.

It took me quite a while to go from “I like the Discover Channel.” to actually seeing the underwater world for myself.

Many people would like to dive but for whatever reason, never get to make that a reality. I’m here to let you know that YOU can be a diver!

Tip of the Week

5 Things to do on your next Safety Stop

5. Inventory your gear and make sure you came up with everything you went down with – this keeps our reefs clean and keeps us from having to buy the same piece of gear over and over.

4. Practice buoyancy. I know it doesn’t sound glamorous but buoyancy is something that helps you enjoy your dive, conserve your air and protect our fragile ocean environment so it’s time well spent.

3. Play ‘Hangman” on my wrist slate with my dive buddy. Tic Tac Toe is another good one.

2. Take video selfies. While you may think there are too many selfies out there already (and you’re probably right) – at least yours will be underwater!

Finally the number one thing and my personal favorite is to practice Bubble Rings!

Gear Junkie’s Garage

Misfit Wearables 'Shine'
Misfit Wearables ‘Shine’

While not strictly (or even tangentially) a piece of dive gear I wanted to share this with my dive buddies!

The ‘Shine’ from Misfit Wearables is the only (that I know of) fitness monitor that will operate to 5 atmospheres. Most don’t even want you to take them swimming. I don’t know the folks over at Misfit but I have to imagine some of them are divers.

UPDATE: So, I took the ‘Shine’ with me to the Homestead Crater in April to see if it really worked on a dive. It worked like a champ! I had intended to capture some video footage but unfortunately managed to put my GoPro in photo mode instead of video mode and it’s too dark at the bottom of the crater for natural light photography – oops! I’ll get it next time and post the results.

What are your favorite things to do on a safety stop? Comment below and let us know!

-As of the publication of this post the Under Pressure Divecast is still in the ‘Approval’ stage in iTunes.

SKuba Steve

‘The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!’

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