Under Pressure Divecast

SCUBA Diving at the Homestead Crater, Utah

Under Pressure Divecast

When was the last time you put on your dive gear with just a swimming suit and knew that you wouldn’t get cold no matter how much time you spent in the water? Or had the opportunity to SCUBA dive under a dome of mineral deposits in a geologic landmark?

If you’re like me then you crave new dive experiences and the Homestead Crater in Midway Utah is going to be on your ‘must dive’ list.


Key locations at the Homestead Crater
Key locations at the Homestead Crater

The Homestead Crater

The Drive

Have a great drive! Even if you live far away you can enjoy a great drive to the Homestead Crater. Don’t forget to get your hush puppies!

Key Crater Locations

The Activity Center is where you initially check-in before you dive. Don’t forget your proof of certification! You will also need to pay and sign a liability waiver.

The restrooms are just a short walk from the Activity center.

The Homestead Crater is just southeast of the parking lot.

Things to remember when diving at The Crater

  1. Remember this is an altitude dive.
  2. You don’t need a wetsuit – the water is fine!
  3. Please stay off the bottom and away from the walls to minimize the chances of reducing the visibility.

Tip of the Week

5 tips for getting the most out of your Crater trip:

  1. Call in advance to schedule your dive time.
  2. Look for the fog inside the Crater dome in the colder weather.
  3. Set up your gear in your hotel room to maximize your dive time!
  4. Don’t forget to take a restroom break before you gear up. It’s a long walk to the restrooms later.
  5. Keep some lotion in your luggage the mineral water can dry out your skin.

Gear Junkie’s Garage

This week we’re talking about the Apollo Bio-Filter and basically why I gave up on it.

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Homestead Resort

Video Tour of the Homestead Crater


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