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SCUBA Diving on the Go!

In this episode of the Under Pressure Divecast I’m going to talk a little about traveling and SCUBA diving. What do you take? What are some of the considerations we have as traveling divers?

Note: Yes… it appears that I’m not as focused as I should be here. Ooops!

Tip of the Week

4 tips for getting the most out of your SCUBA travels:

  1. Less is more – pare down your kit.
  2. Don’t try to take knives, tanks, spearguns or at least do some research.
  3. Consider a travel BCD or a plate/wing setup.
  4. Take it easy! Something unexpected will happen – it’s going to be okay!

Gear Junkie’s Garage

This week we’re talking about the magnetic hose clip. This convenient accessory uses a strong magnet to keep your gauge console right where you need it.

Note: After I recorded this episode I did another dive using the magnet hose clip with the hose component attached closer to the gauge console and it worked like a charm.

Speakpipe graphic

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As always please check with your local SCUBA retailer before ordering products online!

Magnetic Hose Clip

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