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Episode 004 – Discussion on Dive Knives | Divecast | Podcast

Do you dive with a knife? In this episode I discuss the reasons for diving with a knife.

In the tip of the week I offer some considerations about where to mount your dive knife.

The Gear Junkie’s Garage is looking forward to a new product from Aqwary call the Smart Console… 70 dive buddies?!

Show Notes

In March I posted an article called ‘Is a knife part of your dive kit?’. When I added a link to that post on the Business of Diving Institute page on LinkedIn I had no idea that over 120 people would comment on the topic of carrying a dive knife. I’ve been through several knives myself and these days I carry a Zeagle Line Cutter.

Tip of the Week

I’ve found that the best place to keep my dive knife/line cutter is on my shoulder strap. This makes it easy to get at it under nearly any diving circumstances.

Gear Junkie’s Garage

The Smart Console from Aqwary is scheduled to be released this year. You can learn more about this new product at their website aqwary.com. For even more information you can read this article on The Verge ‘The scuba diver social network that could save your life‘ As always, thanks for listening. If you enjoyed the podcast please consider leaving a review in iTunes. Do you have a good diving story where you used your knife? Go ahead and leave a comment below and let us know!

As always thank you for listening! If you enjoyed this divecast please consider leaving a review in iTunes or wherever you found it.

Do you have an interesting dive story where you used your knife? Leave a comment and share your story with us!

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