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6 Things to Love About Duct Tape in Your SCUBA Kit

Duct tape is handy to have in the garage, the laundry room, in your office desk or even your sock drawer but did you know that white duct tape can be a valuable addition to your SCUBA diving kit?

Here are six reasons to throw a roll of duct tape into your kit in a cool new info-graphic (above). (driven by if you’re interested)

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Here are six (6) uses for duct tape as a SCUBA accessory minus the fun info graphic but read to the bottom for a huge photo-info-graphic collage!

  1. Mark the EAN mix value on your tank if diving a mix other than air.
  2. Mark the MOD of your gas mix – always remember to verify the correct ppO2 value for your dive plan! NOTE: This might be a good time to brush up on your Nitrox knowledge.
  3. If your an instructor you can discretely write down your students names.
  4. Write down your basic dive plan! How deep for how long?
  5. Ooops… did you bust the floor? Better add that contingency plan on there too!
  6. Make an instant name tag for your gear on that busy dive boat!

What you’ll need to make your SCUBA – Duct Tape dream a reality:

  • 1 Roll of White Duct Tape
  • Sharpie Permanent Marker

Some tricks of the trade:

  • Get good quality duct tape from a hardware store and a reputable brand (3M/Scotch and Nashua are the ones I use). They are easier to tear with your teeth and generally tear pretty straight across the roll. They also tend to be more durable and stick to what they’re meant to underwater.
  • Use a serious permanent marker and write big.
  • Always fold one edge of the duct tape back on itself (so the sticky sides touch) this creates an easy to pull tab when you’re ready to remove it.
  • Need to remember some of the information later? Pull the tape off your slate and put it on the back of the page in your dive log – quick!

What other uses have you seen, heard of, used or conceived for duct tape as a SCUBA accessory? Leave a comment below and share your duct tape joy! If you enjoyed this post – share it with a dive buddy!

Many thanks to the team over at High Plains SCUBA for the use of the pool!

Duct Tape Info Graphic!
Duct Tape Info Graphic!

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