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“Around the World Under the Sea” – Launches Indiegogo Campaign

John Lewis of Aqualife Adventures.
John Lewis of Aqualife Adventures.

Have you ever watched an underwater video and been mesmerized by the beauty and wonder of the ocean realm?

I know I have! For me, watching shows like the old episodes of Jacque Cousteau have been inspiring to me. They helped me get into diving and keep me going between dives.

As you may have noticed; however, there isn’t much content out there. If you’re a true fan of the deep you can burn through it faster than it is produced and still not watch much TV.

This is where John Lewis at Aqualife Adventures comes in.

John is an underwater photography/videographer who is working to bring authentic SCUBA diving back into the video mainstream.

His initial project will be to bring three full episodes to final production and he needs our help to do it.

The Project: Around the World Under the Sea

Dive in to help on Indiegogo.

If you’re a diver or blogger or famous person with tons of followers please hook a dive buddy up and spread the word!

During your next surface interval (or coffee break or when the boss isn’t looking) head over and check it out!

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