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Under Pressure Divecast | Choosing a SCUBA Mask | Episode 005

Under Pressure Divecast | Choosing a SCUBA Mask

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Choosing a SCUBA Mask

Did you know that every feature of a SCUBA diving mask can make a difference in your underwater experience?

Let’s break it down and find out why!

It’s been a long time since Episode 004 of the Under Pressure Divecast! I’m looking forward to producing more SCUBA content; sharing the sport of recreational SCUBA diving and providing practical information and perspective about getting the most out of every SCUBA dive!

In episode 005 we’re going to talk about how to choose a mask for SCUBA diving.

It’s time to dive in!

Diving a Little Deeper

I mentioned a couple of things during the livestream then moved on without covering them. Here goes…

Why in the world would I remove my mask underwater?

  1. Twisted Strap, strap too loose or tight or Snorkel Out of Place – as you get ready for a dive on the shore or boat there’s a lot to keep in mind. It’s possible you’ll get in the water and realize that your mask strap is twisted, too loose or too tight or your snorkel is out of place. Rather than endure the discomfort, it’s nice to be able to remove your mask; fix the issue and enjoy your dive!
  2. Broken Strap – While it doesn’t happen often I’ve had two masks come off underwater due to strap problems. One was a buckle that came loose and the other was velcro that was too worn to hold the mask on.

Does the brand of my mask matter?

I mentioned in the livestream that I didn’t even remember what brand of mask I had until I was prepping for the episode. That doesn’t necessarily suggest that ‘brand doesn’t matter’ but it does give you some idea of the level of quality that a good mask will offer.

What matters is that you’ve chosen a good quality mask that is designed for SCUBA diving that fits well and has the features you need to make your diving enjoyable, comfortable and safe.

The brand that is best for you is going to be a natural progression as you work through choosing the right mask at your local dive shop!


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