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Getting to Know 8 Online SCUBA Diving Communities

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How do you get your SCUBA on between dive trips? Since many divers look forward to diving on specific dive vacations or the occasional weekend, staying in touch with the sport during our ‘dry spells’ can help us stay current as well as sate our hunger for diving between trips.

Doing that is getting easier! Until recently, our choices for online SCUBA communities has been… well… one. The past few years have seen expansion of internet resources for divers.

This nine part series will cover eight online dive communities and a final summary of the resources on Facebook, Google Plus (G+) and other general interest social media outlets. If you belong to, or operate a SCUBA specific community that isn’t listed in the cool info graphic above please send me a quick message and I’ll make this a 10 part series (or 11 or 12… maybe I’ll be able to write a book and retire to somewhere sunny, breezy and wavy).

The info graphic shows a screenshot of the eight online SCUBA communities that I’m familiar with. I’ll cover each community in more detail in the coming weeks. No preferential treatment is being given and they will be covered in alphabetical order.

Not a Review

Divers have a wide variety of interests. My goal with this series is not to provide a review style article (introduction, pros, cons, conclusion). Rather, I will provide an introduction then discuss the features and differentiators for each site. Using that information I hope you will find an online diving community that meets your needs. I am a member of each of these communities with varying degrees of activity which may be evident as I write but, like you, I have my own interests and needs as a diver and dive professional so I go where my interests lie.

Dive Logging

I have found that some of these sites allow uploading your dives. I will cover the mechanics of this for each site; however, I’ll say now that I don’t do this reliably for any of them. Perhaps when I’ve completed this series I’ll feel differently about it but at this point it’s hard enough to keep my paper log and computer updated.

Common Features

Features that you will find on these sites vary but here are some examples:

  • Forums & Discussions
  • Photo uploads
  • Dive logging (see my comments above)
  • Articles
  • User Profiles

So, if you have questions about either SCUBA diving communities in general or would like me to find an answer about a specific site leave a comment. Which dive community(ies) do you belong to? What do you like about it/them?
SKuba Steve

‘The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!’

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