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How to Be a Great Dive Buddy! | Under Pressure Divecast | Episode 011

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What makes a Great Dive Buddy?

If you’ve been diving for a while you’ve probably already been on a dive with a great dive buddy!

You’ve also most likely been on a dive with a buddy that was well, not so great. What makes one dive buddy great and what makes another give you the urge to embrace the cancel culture?

How can you make sure that you are a good… no GREAT dive buddy? Let’s dive into what makes a great dive buddy!

Dive Buddy Do’s

  • Be Prepared
  • Stay Close
  • Dive Within the Most Limiting Experience, Comfort & Training Level
  • Be Supportive and Willing to Call a Dive
  • Communicate Expectations

Dive Buddy Don’ts

  • Ignore the Dive Briefing/Plan
  • Arrive Late
  • Expect Your Dive Buddy to Take Care of You
  • Break the Dive Profile
  • Run Out of Air
  • Be a Joker

Be a Great Dive Buddy

  • Be Calm
  • Respect Your Buddy’s Experience and Training Level
  • Be an Independent Diver

Gear Junkie’s Garage

Dedicate a water bottle to your SCUBA gear! Get an extra one that you can just drop into your gear bag so you always have one you can take with you. This will help you to commit to staying hydrated but will also reduce your dependence on single use water bottles that end up in our landfills or worse… on our beaches and in our oceans!

Okay… another short GJG but that’s okay :).

Tip of the Week

Stretch it Out

  1. Stretch each arm back over your shoulder trying to reach the center of your back. This adds flexibility so you can reach both your regulator hoses and your tank valve.
  2. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, hold one arm outstretched in front of you, and twist to stretch your shoulder and upper back. This gives you flexibility when getting in and out of your SCUBA gear both in and out of the water.

Note 1 – Watch the video there’s a chapter marker in the description so you can go straight to the tip section!

Note 2 – I didn’t show this in the video but I take this opportunity to ball and stretch my fingers

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