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Open Water – November 2013

Open Water November 2013

I’m happy to finally announce the video from our November 2013 Open Water class at the Homestead Crater!

What a fun group – here are six minutes and 50 seconds of nutty highlights!


I know this took me a long time folks and I appreciate your patience. For more info why see below the video.

So… what took you so long?

I am still on a steep learning curve when it comes to video so bear with me.

1. The last video I shot was in 1080P and the files were large and iMovie got cranky. So, thinking no one would watch them in 1080P anyway I recorded this one in 720P to see if that would help out iMovie. Well it did but the quality is no where near what I expected. Lesson learned – always shoot high quality originals!

2. Switched from iMovie to Premiere Pro. Okay there was a pretty big leap here but iMovie has some serious limitations that I just didn’t like. But… PP is different and it took me a while to get my head around it.

3. I lost a lot of the built in graphics when I switched over from iMovie to PP so while the PP editor is far more powerful a lot of the preexisting eye candy isn’t built in and I had to work around that for this video and will have to create new ones  for future videos.

So, thanks for watching, let me know what you think!

The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!

SKuba Steve

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