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Get out there and dive!

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Taking a call

Edit May 30th, 2019 I have rehosted the four episodes of the Under Pressure Divecast back on iTunes with a new host. The raw feed is here: https://feeds.transistor.fm/under-pressure-divecast-recreational-scuba-diving-education-information-tips-and-gear-talk Aside from the occasional plugin maintenance it’s not likely that I will be doing any further updates here nor is there any plan to produce new episodes […]

Divebuddy Post

Thailand: A Divers Paradise

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Divebuddy (guest) Post by Oscar Waterworth It is a well known fact that Thailand is a great tourist attraction. Apart from great climate and welcoming people, one of the main reasons for that are perfectly clear water and incredibly rich marine life which attract visitors from all over the world, great majority of whom are […]