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ShoreBuddy Status Update

Well, as you may have guessed the ShoreBuddy Kickstarter Project has not launched yet. Total bummer.

The Good News

ShoreBuddy’s launch is alive and well. When I began talking to more people about ShoreBuddy I realized that there were two recurring topics that needed to be addressed before it made sense to go into production.

  1. Cost – both my prototype’s and the pre-production model have metal work that is simply too expensive to manufacture and distribute. But… cost reduction and sourcing are near and dear to my heart so I’ve been back at the drawing board, white board, Penultimate (using Jot Pro – you should too!) and Moleskin trying to rethink the implementation of the design so we can make it with less expensive materials without sacrificing quality. I’m on the right path now after a breakthrough this week! There’s still some work to do finalizing this modification so bear with me!
  2. Topic 2 – yeah…totally secret right now. I’ll update more when I  can but suffice it to say that… CONTENT REMOVED BY REMOTE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS DEVELOPMENT SECURITY.

Those guys are no fun at all! Now I’m told I wasn’t supposed to even mention Topic 2.

The Bad News

Actually, there’s not really any bad news. The product is going to be less expensive (good news) and better (topic 2 – more good news). It’s just going to take a little longer to get rolling.

The surface interval is over… get out there and dive!

SKuba Steve

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