Losing Your Mind on SCUBA | Under Pressure Divecast | Episode 007

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Losing Your Mind on SCUBA

Watch the Video Youtube On the go? Check out the audio version! iTunes Spotify Google Play Amazon Music …or your favorite podcatcher! Losing Your Mind on SCUBA Are you losing your mind… on SCUBA? Have you ever been completely ready for a dive, listened to the briefing and knew what you needed to do only […]

Possibly Narced

Cnidariapocolypse II – 2Narced/2… well 2Narced!

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© 2011 Derek Keats. Used with permission.

In the last exciting episode of Cnidariapocolypse our intrepid divers were confronting both the great cnidarian leviathan and the ‘rapture of the deep’. …and let’s face it things were not looking good… You may have been there yourself at some point; found yourself mid-dive with a buddy that just wasn’t quite all there (assuming they […]