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Thailand: A Divers Paradise

Photo courtesy of Flickr photographer bhinddalenes

Divebuddy (guest) Post by Oscar Waterworth

It is a well known fact that Thailand is a great tourist attraction. Apart from great climate and welcoming people, one of the main reasons for that are perfectly clear water and incredibly rich marine life which attract visitors from all over the world, great majority of whom are returning once that unanimously agree that Thailand is a divers paradise. Here is what makes it such.

Sail Rock
Photo courtesy of Flickr photographer Ryan Lackey

Sail Rock

This is a place that is generally thought of as the best diving place in the Gulf of Thailand. This 30 meters high granite peak is located in the midst of Koh Phangan and Koh Samui. Being the sole firm structure in the surroundings makes it a gathering place for all life forms living nearby waters. Apart from usual abundance of tropical fish, Sail Rock is a spot where you can commonly see whale sharks. And not only see, but swim next to, because the like hanging around divers. Another attraction is that you can go into the rock at about 20m of depth and experience the inner marine life.

Surin Islands
Photo courtesy of Flickr photographer Ryan Lackey

Surin Islands

Surin islands are the place of the greatest hard coral diversity in Thailand. This is a spot where you will able to see species of fish that you will not see elsewhere, such as yellow-masked Angelfish, Napoleon wrasse, Barramundi as well as lots of turtles. Also, this is a great place for those who like to dive alone or in small groups. You will enjoy your diving without having to elbow your way through a lot of other divers since Surin Island are not that frequently visited due to their remoteness.

Anemone Reef
Photo courtesy of Flickr photographer Matt Kieffer

Anemone Reef

This large lime-stone pinnacle got its name from the mass of green and blue anemones that cover it and give it a stunning appearance. Also, anemones are the reason why large schools of tropical fish constantly circle around the reef. Additionally, strong currents that surround it make the anemones sway at all times, making the rock look alive. Also, Anemone Reef is a great place to spot lionfish, and if you are patient enough yellow tiger-tail seahorses, as well as honeycomb moray eels.

koh lipe
Photo courtesy of Adang Sea Divers

Koh Lipe

More than 20 islands surrounding the place and the abundance of breathtakingly beautiful coral reefs make Koh Lipe diving an unforgettable experience. The fact that diving is possible throughout the year is what makes Koh Lipe become a frequently visited place by divers from all over the world. Diving here is especially interesting during half moon period, due to increased visibility and dynamics of the marine life. Mackerel, tuna and barracuda are a common site, as well as whale sharks, and if you are really lucky, a manta ray may come along.

Similan Islands
Photo courtesy of Flickr photographer Reinhard Link

Similan Islands

Similan Islands are a central diving place in Thailand, without a doubt. This protected national park offers a great number of diving sites for all types of divers, from novices to professional and rogue ones. Marine life is exquisite and you can see species that can rarely be seen anywhere else in Thailand, such as frogfish and ribbon eels. The most popular diving sites are Elephant Head Rock, West of Six and Christmas Point, all of which have a lot to offer. If you lack time to visit all of them and you have to narrow your choice, you will not make a mistake with any of them.

Dive Thailand!

As you can see, Thailand is called a divers’ paradise for a good reason. It offers great opportunities for diving experiences practically wherever you go and you can visit it for years, even decades, without ever being bored, a recommendation that sums it all up.

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