Divesite Orientation Series

The Dive Site Orientation Series – Homestead Crater

Hi Dive Buddies!

I’m excited to be publishing the first installment of the Dive Site Orientation Series. In this video we tour the Homestead Crater in Midway Utah. If you read my previous post you may remember that there will be two versions of each video. The first one here is the Vimeo version or VEdit as I’m calling it without the funner footage and pithy commentary by your’s truly.

Read on for some history of the Homestead Crater, services offered and, of course, the link to the Youtube edit where SKuba Steve is attacked by aliens!

If you just can’t wait…The Vimeo Edit:

General Information

The Homestead Crater is a geologic formation that rests on the Homestead Resort in Midway, Utah. This beautiful little town is nestled snugly against the Wasatch Mountains and is in the top 10 places that SKuba Steve is considering for retirement.

The Crater itself was formed over many thousands of years as water from the surface made it’s way deep into the earth. According to www.homesteadresort.com this water was then heated and returns to the surface at a comfortable 90-96F carrying with it minerals that were deposited over time to create the dome-like structure we see today.

If you aren’t yet a diver the Homestead Crater does offer a SCUBA experience as well as classes all by appointment.

Diver Information

At the time of this post the direct URL for information about the Homestead Crater is here: http://homesteadresort.com/utah-resort-activities/the-crater

All divers must check in with the Activity Center before entering the Homestead Crater. Which is about 100 yards southwest of the entrance to the Crater in a separate building.

Dive times are usually scheduled by the hour and I recommend calling ahead if possible to reserve a spot. This is a popular location for snorkelers, swimmers, soakers, divers, SCUBA classes and paddleboard yoga.

Air fills and gear rentals are available.

Diving Conditions

  • Exposure: Wet suits are strongly discouraged and not necessary
  • Entries/Exits: The only allowed SCUBA entry is a controlled seated entry. Exits can be performed on one of two ladders or by entering the large ‘hot tub’ seating area, removing your gear and then climbing out.
  • Dock: the dock provides entry and exit points as well as a location to stage your gear when entering and leaving the water. Please keep the dock clear of your non-diving equipment, clothes etc. since other customers are likely to be using the dock while you are underwater. There are shelves and lockers back in the tunnel for your extra gear and clothes.
  • Lighting: Artificial lighting provides sufficient light at the two main training platforms. It can be pretty dark at the lower platform and I recommend carrying a torch.
  • Water Temperature: 90-96F officially (I usually record about 94F and 97F further down)
  • Visibility: around 20-30 feet in my experience
  • Altitude: ~5,500Ft
  • Depth: 65 Ft but divers are asked to stay off the bottom to prevent stirring up the fine sediment that covers the bottom
  • Inside the Crater: The crater is shaped like an hourglass that is about 65 Ft across at it’s widest point (water’s surface) and narrows to between 30-40Ft across at the bottom.
  • The floor: The floor of the crater is covered in approximately 8Ft (8,000 years worth according to the Homestead Resort Website) of soft silt.
  • Bathrooms: The bathrooms are located about 100 yards south of the entrance to the Crater in a separate building.
  • Underwater Life: There are no animals living in the Homestead Crater. There are; however, snorkelers, swimmers and other divers.
  • The Walls: The walls of the Crater are covered with a fine layer of silt and are made up of relatively soft material. Fin kicks and other disturbance near the walls can cause visibility to be reduced so avoid getting too close.

Have you ever been diving in the Homestead Crater?

The SKuba Steve Edit

Video Info

  • Shot on GoPro Hero 3 Black
  • 720P
  • Music by Pitx
  • Edited in iMovie 2013

The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!

SKuba Steve

Editor’s Official Statement: There is no evidence that SKuba Steve was abducted by aliens. A thorough examination of the footage in question by alien abduction specialists it was debunked as an alien encounter and while no doubt traumatic, the Under Pressure Dive Blog categorically denies any knowledge that an abduction actually occurred.

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