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The Surface Interval’s Over! The Under Pressure Dive Blog is Back!

Hey dive buddies! It’s been too long since I created any new content for this site and for the Under Pressure Divecast as well. That’s changing!

I’m excited to be back to blogging about the sports of SCUBA diving and snorkeling and can’t wait to start producing more episodes of the divecast as well.

The Under Pressure Dive Blog

As it has always been, the focus is here on beginner to intermediate divers so expect articles related to improving your skills, enjoying the underwater environment and getting the most out of your time in the water. Like many divers I’m a gear junkie so, yes, we’ll talk about gear but I’m going to come at it from a practical perspective.

I am planning to post weekly content beginning in August 2021.

I’m going to be honest… the dive blog web site is a hot mess. There are tons of plugins that I’m not sure are being used and I think I’ve got like 15 social media links which I don’t use or check.

Over the next few weeks expect the site to look narced. Feel free to contact me if something doesn’t work and bear with me while I simplify it so it’s easy to navigate and loads fast.

The Under Pressure Divecast

Media production has changed in the last 5 years since I produced the last episode of the Under Pressure Divecast. The format of the divecast will remain the same as it was before. We’ll have a main discussion topic (maybe we’ll add some guests who knows), we’ll talk about a piece of dive gear and include a few quick tips that make your diving easier, safer or more fun.

The difference will be that I will be livestreaming the show on Youtube and creating the audio podcast from the recording of the show.

I’ll update the site when I have a URL for the livestream. The URL for the Under Pressure Youtube Channel is here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKrTpkFZPJ96ifidadk0EjA

That’s the update for now! I’m looking forward to getting back into the ‘water’ here!

SKuba Steve

“The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!”

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