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What am I doing here?

I suppose you’re wondering why I’ve asked you all here…

On June 3rd I will be launching a Kickstarter project to fund the initial production and distribution of ShoreBuddy™, a new SCUBA product to help divers organize and protect their gear.

In order for that to work – I need to reach out to as many people as possible prior to that and let them know about the project. The more people I can reach now, the better the odds will be that we can bring this product to market!

There’s a lot of information here already and I plan on adding more in these last few weeks before the Kickstarter launch. If you’re a diver and you want to receive updates on the ShoreBuddy™ Kickstarter Project please feel free to submit your email address to the right.

Are you a diver or snorkeler?

If you’re a diver please share my original post or a link to www.remoteoutdoorproducts.com to your social networks. If you’d like to recieve updates about the ShoreBuddy™ Kickstarter Project, there is form to the right where you can sign up to be reminded when the Kickstarter project goes live and I’d love your support.

But I’m not a diver…

I know that not everyone is a SCUBA diver or snorkeler. If you’re not please consider sharing my original post or a link to www.remoteoutdoorproducts.com to your social networks anyway. You might know a diver or two or fifty you didn’t even know about!

I just followed this link…

If you’re here because you followed a link posted by a friend and thought you were linking to the latest viral video – fear not for this is even better (refer back to here if you’re a diver and here if your not a diver – yet).

What’s in it for me?

If your a diver you can help me bring a great new SCUBA product to market!

If you’re not a diver you can help another diver help me bring a great new SCUBA product to market!

What else?


Okay…I got it!

I will add a ShoreBuddy™ Launch Support Hall of Fame page to my website and when you help me out just email me here with your name and a link you’d like me to promote and I’ll post it for anyone who wants an external link to their site and a little more exposure for their company, cause, project, etc.

If you’re still reading – I need all the help I can get to spread the word on this so if you don’t mind and can spare of few minutes I’d really appreciate it.

The surface interval’s over …get out there and dive!

SKuba Steve

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