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When do you love a desiccated isopod?

Desiccated Isopod
Desiccated Isopod
Desiccated Isopod

Taking a day to go diving off Anacapa during a trip to California for your sister’s wedding… awesome!

Finding a desiccated isopod in your divebag a few years after the trip… priceless!

Isopod - California
Isopod pre-desiccation. Photo courtesy of Carl Gwinn author of the Kelpscape blog. Used with permission. Visit Carl’s blog at www.kelpscape.com!

I know this little guy doesn’t look like much now but he and his buddies were crawling all over me and my gear when I got out of the water after our first dive. I sent as many as I found back to their homes but apparently missed one.

If you ever happen to dive with these creatures I found them to be very friendly but you will want to check your gear pretty thoroughly to make sure you don’t have any stowaways. They apparently don’t do to well in Colorado.

Thanks sis for a great excuse to dive in Anacapa!

That reminds me I should probably call my sister!

What’s your weirdest/best stowaway story?

The surface interval’s over… get out there and dive!

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